You Can’t Write Worth Toffee!

Many commercial blogs focus on advising you what to do and then pitching how they could do it for you (for a fee). Let’s breakout and try some advice that doesn’t need an expert.

Communication with Style

Newspaper stories and magazine articles take a long time to craft and contain more words than required to just “state the facts”. So why do writers take the time to compose? They do it to catch our attention and ensure that we get the full message.

Next time you sit down to write an email or a memo to the people in your business, try these tips.

Capture their attention – use an unusual subject line. Don’t just rely on the power of your role to get them to read your mail. Maybe even make a one line statement at the start that’s controversial or challenging like “You Can’t Write Worth Toffee!”

Build curiousity – don’t just jump to the point. Lead them there by describing the background or history of your message first. Tell a story and turn even a simple announcement into an opportunity to teach people about your vision or culture.

Put yourself in their shoes – ask yourself what do they want to know about the topic, not just what you want to tell them. What questions might be nagging them? Now try to answer those questions without being asked.

Close with strength – reinforce the message, repeat it in another way, and drive home the main point even if it’s just “thanks for all your hard work”.

Time is always at a premium and a quick message almost always seem the best use of time. But if your messages are more interesting and you take the time to explain and connect them to the big picture, a little extra composing time is a very small price to pay for real communications.

And yes, we can help you to write more effectively if you wish. But try these tips first.