WhoDunnit? – Leadership Observation

WhodunnitIn business, we often value active “doing” over passive “seeing”. But what about active seeing?

Test your awareness and observation of simple things. Take a couple of minutes to watch the video (click on the picture or click here if not loading).

Being a leader means working with imperfect people. They judge situations in surprising ways. They form unexpected perceptions. Quite simply, they see things differently than you do!

As leaders and problem-solvers, we need to …

▪ Be more curious and less absorbed in our own bias.

▪ Listen more closely and ask more questions.

▪ Watch for subtle body language and verbal hints.

▪ Be aware of our own body language, use of terms and tone.

Many conflicts and employee performance issues arise from misperceptions and miscommunications. If you’d like to know how your organization’s leaders can make more valuable observations in the workplace, use the contact form on the right and let us know.